bDh gets owned! xD.

Little bDh gets owned by FuzzywuzzyOwnz, wacth the vids 😀 :

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Final Part:

Here is the telephone and adress… of bDh (Don’t know if he had changed something)
Name: Brad
Adress: 733 Zekes Run,Wilmington, NC
Home: 910-686-4736
Cell: 910-409-3000

If you want to prank him, be sure you record it and upload it on youtube xD!


2 Responses to “bDh gets owned! xD.”

  1. I saw the vid b4
    i kinda feel sorry for the dude

    but its wat he gets for fucking wit ppl i guess…..

  2. I dont care about him xD

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