D4rkw0rm BETA

This worm now, opens an Image and the w0rm!!! Its name is catfuncmp.jpg.exe and opens an image with title “catin_cmp.jpg” –> Malwarebites found nothing –> AVG Anti Spyware found nothing xD!!

The next picture is the picture that d4rkw0rm opens:

The point is that the user must still have the file and let me enter to the computer, It is really funny xD!
It will also open a CMD Screen and close it ASAP when openning the w0rm (That CMD app has hidden attributes so you will not get code in any manner, just like going to temporary folder, and edit the file and get code, uit’s really hidden. It has viral codes for letting me to enter the PC), I changed an hexadecimal signature code line to make the code hidden also and encrypt it. I’m going to (maybe) put a download link on downloads section and a downloads section later, I will update this post saying the updates…


One Response to “D4rkw0rm BETA”

  1. lol thats GR8!! a virus with a lolcat! is pure GENUS!

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