Today’s Malware

Infected PCs: 2.76%
Name: Joke/MouseShoot
Threat Danger Level: Medium
Type: Joke
Effects: It displays a game in which the user has to shoot several mouses on the Windows Desktop. When the user hits the target, the mouse gets angry, and makes the user think that the computer is being restarted.
Plataforms: Windows XP/2000/NT
Detected on: April 27, 2004

Thechnical Details:

MouseShoot displays a game, in which several mouses run from one side of the Windows Desktop to the other. The user must use the mouse pointer as sight, in order to shoot the mouses:

Mouse Shoot

When the user hits the target, the mouse gets angry and leaves the screen:

Mouse Shooted

After a while, the mouse appears on screen again with a dialog box, which feigns the Windows shutdown:


Then, the screen goes black for a few seconds, as if the computer was being restarted.

In order to stop MouseShoot, the user must push the Escape button, restart the computer or access the Task Administrator and end the associated process.

MouseShoot reaches the computer using one of the following means:

It can be voluntarily downloaded from websites that offer free programs.

It can be received via e-mail in an attachment, sent by a friend that intends to play a joke on the user.

MouseShoot is written in the programming language Turbo Pascal, and it is 1,179,136 bytes in size.

I’m going to put a link for download for this if I find it =).


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