Generic Malware & Lineage Leading these days

Well, as almost everybody knows our malware folks, Generic’s and Lineage.

The Generic Malware as always, is leading at the top of the analystic list, Lineage is spreading and making familly of it as hell (making other variants and other types of same trojan). Yeah!, you would like the code of those malware types aren’t you?, well you are not the only one, many other people is being curiously at those codes but if I had those codes I would even not share them!, I’m not being jealous of people that have malware that I have but it’s just that I know how you will use the code. Whatever, that’s not the main tging I want to say… Here you have a picture of the top malware list:

Virus Top List

Yeah, there is other malware but they are not leasing for now (Last week the manclick.B was leading).

So if your AV detects as hell any type of that malware, don’t be saying that why that happened to you =D.


2 Responses to “Generic Malware & Lineage Leading these days”

  1. Anti Virus Antivirus Filing Bankruptcy…

    I didn’t agree with you first, but last paragraph makes sense for me…

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