Panda CommandLine Signature =)

Yeah!, I know it’s a little wierd (You have to have the Panda Software), and I’m not really about talking about how to keep yourself safe from malware but what about downloading an update to make your AV really cool eh!? It only works for NT/Me/2000/2003/XP/Vista — Click here for Download — When it’s done downloading go to your desktop for the Panda’s AV Shortcut then Right Click > Properties > Search Destiny, Paste there the PAV.sig file and it will show a message saying “Do you want to re-write this file?” “Ok”, “Yes”, “Accept” (Whatever it shows up, its different sometimes). Maybe the Panda AV Will be screwed up but I tried it and it really, really worked for me as the file has some little more information, but I don’t really trust 100% this updates as they say they can screw up the software…


It will look something like this (sorry for bad quality but im running out of space):



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