Some detailed information about the worm first:

It specially write romantic messages like “WHEN THE STARS FILL THE SKY, I WILL MEET YOU MY LOVELY PRINCESS” or “DEAR MY PRINCESS” when you run Notepad and if you go to Start > Run – it will change the Run’s window title to “MR COOLFACE !. If you run My Documents the window title is “Mr_Coolface” and the worm turns off the monitor every 5 minutes.


It changes the Windows Explorer Toolbar and when you start Internet Explorer it shows a html page the worm itself makes. It spreads naming the files with Antivirus applications file names. It also disables System Restore in addition. The worm is programmed in Visual C++ V6.

Ridnu Worm

I might be doing a virus example video later since I got all info on my friend’s test computer and got images and info only =(. So i got to get the virus right now, that’s all…


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