Windows Registry Deleting =)

Sorry for long time no posting and approving your comments but I were in other things… This post is about a vgideo I made in another account of youtube, the video was called “Registry Deleting” about deleting all the registry entries I could in Windows Microsoft (C). I were afraid that the thing that happened to the virtual PC “Test PC” happened to my, Mark’s computer… So When I just deleted the half of the registry entries you could see some lags in the video just that I was cutting the video for checking the registry of Mark’s Computer (An old friend). You can check the video on Don’t try that at your home computer thatv was released on a test pc… After that I deleted other registry entries I could and… I Deleted AUTOEXEC.bat and I Turned off the computer with The Virtual PC Option, not the Windows, because I also Deketed Rundll32.dll and .exe and I could press the start button nor volume… Well When I just Started it again this happened:


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