Panda AV Command Line 9.5.1

Greetz to Panda AV team that had just made it’s ninth version of it’s (their) comand Line AV.

This new engine incorporates interesting features over previous versions specially focused on detecting and deactivating active rootkits and improved heuristic detection of new and unknown malware:

* Engine version 1.5.1 integration.
* Reboot driver. Disinfection during reboot of active rootkits. Needs to run with admin priviledge.
* Integration of Heuristic engine 7.0.7 with improved performance. Defaults to medium sensitivity.
* Suspicious detection counter in both console and logs.
* Digitally signed executables.
* New log in CSV format (pavcl.log).

The new log format is as follows:

Be sure to download the signature file available from their blog for testing purposes which is NOT updated on a regular basis. For production and critical scanning systems make sure to contact Panda for a regular signature feed.

Download the new PAVCL here.

Return codes are available for integrations of PAVCL with automated scanning systems. PAVCL returns a numeric value of 4 bytes to indicate the type of program exit, the type of operation performed and the number of malware detected. For more info on this contact me.

This version is compatible with Windows 2000, 2003, XP (32 and 64 bits) and Vista (32 and 64 bits).


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