Vb Tr0j4nxz

I had been reading and testing about the Trojanz in VB, well it’s very easy to make one as Winsock is chilling in the VB6.0 or VB09-VB08 toolbox window, just go to the toolbox of components right click – components and go for Microsoft Winsock, what an easy don’t you think?!! Well me and my team are working on a trojanz that will have A LOT OF FUNCTIONS!! and what I see of the options to program is not that hard as it sounds I just recovered a little list of it’s components but not all to sneek =D, Also it’s gonna be private and they’re gonna sell it:

1.Info… A lot of information of the user

2.Keylogger and other Information capture

3.Remote Control to derlete, upload.. files


5.Interaction and manipulation with the user

6.A lot of more and some jokes xD!!

Also the interface is a lot graphic and it does make comfortable the user, I can’t send an image because it’s very secret and only for those who buy it or if the other staff members let me put a little sneek peak for you =D.

I’ll give you an example of the syntax of Winsock interacting in the Troyan (Client/Server):

[—Cut Here—]


Me.Caption = “Desconected”


Winsock1.Connect ip.Text, 7576

[…Send data Code…]

Winsock1.SendData “Any Ciommand”



Winsock1.Accept requestID

Winsock1.GetData String as in Command
If datos = “Command You inputed Before” Then

Winsock1.Accept requestID

[—Cut Here—]

I also use interacting VB with MSN, it is very easy but that doesn’t come in the topic… First the Client close any previous Connections (That’s why it closes at beginning) and it put the message of desconnected in the client app, the connect code doesn’t come in this case because you would need other explication, a lot deeper… Then the user inputs the ip on a textbox called “ip” so the trojan uses the textbox for getrting the ip, then it send the data called whatever you want and you need to string it before… Now let’s go to the server, it closes any previous connection, then (the Accept request thingy needs to be then, after getting all the data) It gets the string and if “the string” gets the “command you inputed” then… it would delete a file… idk thats of yor opinion, then it close any previous connection and accepts data! THats the server funcion lot more code than the client for my thoughts…

Note that I’m not telling you how to do a trojan, I’m just telling you how it works by code but it’s just an explanation to you to give an idea, if you want to know how to do one “Go get a complete guide!”. Maybe I do my trojan (Public, not Private) and publish it here but it would be some weeks later, when we finish our proyects, and nope I’m not working with adrian or Inferno or anybody of the of my and your known =D… Just Chill for the image or for another post to “feed your brain”…


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