A little Message…

Well as most people heard, the new Google Chrome is on downloads, it is the BETA version and it’s time to do some fun searching for errors of it xD! Just like type “www.letscrashit.com“, the search it, then add some slashes to it, the most you can if it’s possible… then Bookmark it and go to the new tab window and click it… Oooops it seems Google crashed! Try it out, maybe the repaired ir because other AV Companies just like Mcafee tried it and off course they advised. Click Here to check the stats of Google Chrome… It’s going well for Google theese days =D! Whatever, getting out of the topic, let’s talk about the proyect of trojan, well it’s going not so well for me because I have a lot of homework and I’m getting fucked… Also I’m doing my own trojan, it’s going to be BETA so if errors come, just advise or chill for me to detect xD! Heres an image of me working on it, it’s not already done but it’s gonna be a hit on myself =D:

It’s called The Employee, I’ll tell you it’s functions from the left: Connect Client, Remote, Information, File Manager, Spying MSN, Interact with User (Send him a message in a MSN conversation, messagebox…), Keylogger, Edit Server. It’s maybe gonna make the server or maybe already made server and client modify it but it’s gonna work properly =). Oh! and I’m just gonna give you a vb6 Tutorial of how to interact with MSN:

First of all make an Standard EXE with a command button and a Textbox… Heres Code:

Private Sub command1_click()

msn.OptionsPages 0, MOPT_GENERAL_PAGE
Pause 0.5
SendKeys Text1.Text
SendKeys “{ENTER}”
End Sub

I created it myself, nottesting it now but it should work, if you try it, maybe works or not but I don’t have time to do it…



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