Writtin’ ASM

I’m showin’ you an example of ASM Text, I recomend you to download MASM32 before, MASM is a compiler for ASM and it works completly nice, Download it here. Heres, the example you’re waiting:

[— Cut Here —]
%OUT- Written by MSBasic         –
; To compile:   TASM examp1.asm                                             –
;               TLINK examp1.obj                                            –
.model small
message   db “Hello world, I’m learning Assembly !!!”, “$”


main   proc
   mov   ax,seg message
   mov   ds,ax

   mov   ah,09
   lea   dx,message
   int   21h

   mov   ax,4c00h
   int   21h
main   endp
end main
[— Cut Here —]

If you want to download the full compiled file, click here.



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