F.B.I. – Binder for mixing your virus executable with a picture and it makes other .exe called Claws.exe that when executed, it shows the image and opens the virus, pretty simple =).

Power ISO – Good Burner and Mounter for Image Files such as .daa .img .iso… This is Trial version.

Ultra ISO – Another good burner, converter and editor for image files… Trial version.

WinRAR 3.80 BETA – Lastest version of the best Compressor ever I seen, I recomend it…

GnomeRAR Theme – Cool theme for WinRAR, I just like it…


9 Responses to “Downloads”

  1. OMFG! wtf is the damn password man! i cannot believe how big of an ASS I am!

    Edited by MSBasic > : )

  2. hey what is the mod page pass please
    thank you


    You need to be Admin to do so

  3. Hey you have trojan sourcecode in Visual Basic.

    if you have it=yes
    send me a zip file with the sourcecode to
    I will cry

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