H4X0R Wiki



D4RKW0RM is a Trojan/Worm made in C++, Visual C++, Visual Basic… It’s mainly purpose is to let me enter on the victim’s PC and destroy it. It first opens the port 81 (Other ports also) and connects to my IP.

It has viruses hidden in it… It opens an Image.



Created by MSBasic, this batch worm was my first batch virus goal. I really coded it, now it is so good, I dont give everybody the code. It is really coded, and my old AV detected like “IE/BAT” the new one doesnt detected it!!

Stinky Cheese/BAT

Stinky Cheese

Well, if you had already heard of the original Stinky Cheese virus, this is my first batch virus that i uploaded on youtube (On the history, I did other viruses b4 this). It was a good virus but it was the first one who used vbs… It RULEZ.



Another virus I made, a.k.a. X-Cocaine (Yes, I was thinking of drugs). Not very harmful just like the other but laggs the computer A LOT.



Hacker that made H4X0R13D GRoup =).


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