What is Malware?

Do you know what’s malware?, do you know what’s a hacker, cracker?, do you even know code a simple malware?

Okay, okay… I’m going to explain it all.

First, you gotta know that theres 7 kinds of malware uses: Mobile Threats, Crimeware, Rootkits, Virus (Worms and trojans also), Spyware, Phishing and Spam. The hacker uses the most hidden code mode he can, he tries to make the people that the virus or trojan is a picture or a document…. Something like picture.jpg.exe and then the picture was not a picture, it was a virus that deletes WINDOWS files and entered to BIOS. Your friends are the main for sending malware, just like they have a hotmail… Idk… 4765756@hotmail.com and you send an e-mail or message saying “Look at this picture xD! You were like OMG!” Picture.jpg.exe. And then the friend opens the file and BOOM! Okay, let’s explain the malware:

Mobile Threat

Mobile Threats: Security Threats to mobile devices(Smartphones, PDA) are on the rise, as more sensitive information is stored on them. These attacks create new risks to corporate networks due to the increased use of these devices in this environment.


Crimeware: Virus creators are no longer acting out of curiosity or in search of notoriety, but are now looking for financial returns. Previously, the greatest potential danger was the formatting of computers. Nowadays, your money and confidential information is at risk. Crimeware can be defined as the programs and social engineering designed to fraudulently obtain financial gain from either the affected user or third parties.


Rootkit: Rootkits are far from being something new, as their origins can be traced back to UNIX platforms. However, over recent years they have been used with increased frecuency to hide the existence of dangerous malware in computers that have been infected.


Virus: Until just a couple of years ago, viruses were the main threat to computer systems. However, recently, and due largely to the widespread use of computers and the Internet, other highly damaging threats have appeared which have forced us to redefine the concept of a threat or malware.


Spyware: Spyware is perhaps the most worrying of all IT threats, as it intrudes on your privacy without you realizing. Use the information and resources available on this page to protect your privacy.


Phishing: Phishing involves sending email messages that seem to come from trustworthy sources, such as banking entities, but attempt to harvest confidential user data. In order to do so, they usually include a link that, if accessed, takes the user to a fake website. By doing this, users believe they are interacting with a trustworthy website, enter the information requested, which finally ends up in the hands of the fraudster.


Spam: Spam is unsolicited email, normally with an advertising content sent out as a mass mailing. The term spam is derived from spiced ham, the first tinned meat product that did not need to be kept in a refrigerator. Its use spread as a result, becoming part of the communal meals of the United States and Russian armies during the Second World War.

If you have any questions about other virus or any malware, please contact us @ Dietrevers@gmail.com


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